May newsletter

May 2015 Newsletter
Hi Host Families & Au Pairs,

We had so much fun during our trampoline meeting at Sky Zone! Check out our photo album:

Here’s what’s going on in May:

May Au Pair meeting:
The Color Run!
For our May meeting we will be meeting at Greenbelt Metro Station at 6:50am (to get a train at 7am) to go downtown to participate in the Color Run. (runners will run, non-runners can volunteer)

Upcoming Au Pair Meetings:

June: 6-13/14 Beach weekend in Rehoboth (Saturday/Sunday) Working on carpools.

July: 7-12-15 afternoon: Pool party! (water safety meeting)
Izzy’s host family has graciously offered their pool <3

August: 8-23-15 from 4pm to 7pm.
Meet and greet picnic at Scotts Cove. Please bring a dish to share – I will bring sodas/water and utensils☺
Scott’s Cove has a playground and picnic tables within walking distance of its parking lot. Address: 10972 Harding Road, Laurel, 20723

Fun STUFF to DO:

May 2015 Festivals and Events in the Washington ,DC Area

Rolling Thunder (Sunday 5-24-15 in DC)

Laurel Main Street Festival on Saturday May 9th from 9am to 4pm

I am sure everyone has met Lisa from South Africa – and probably got a hug ☺ Lisa is taking care of a 1.5 year old little girl and a brand new baby <3 in Laurel, Lisa and her family are new to the program.
Welcome everyone!

Host Family Referrals through September 2015
As you know Cultural Care offers a $250 referral bonus, but I wanted to up the ante. If you refer a family anywhere in the US who registers and welcomes an au pair by September 2015, you will receive $250 in cash or credit from Cultural Care. If the family reaches out to me first, if you give me their information and I contact them, or if they go through my website, I will add an additional $100, so you will receive $350 for any family you refer who welcomes an au pair BY SEPTEMBER 2015.

To make sure you get the bonus: Please give me a quick head’s up via text/email/call if you are talking with anyone you think is interested so I can make sure they are in the system under your name. I only need their name, location, email and/or phone. This ensures that I cannot only become their main point of contact and can oversee the matching process, but I can also make sure you receive the host family referral bonus from Cultural Care.

You can always send your friends to my website where they can find out more information and discount details:
They can also register on my website without ever speaking with me.

In addition, I can make your friends/family/colleagues aware of other discounts coming up that they can add to this so that they can really save some money.
I am so happy that we have such an amazing group of host families in Laurel and surroundings and I really enjoy working with you! I’d love help in finding other families across the country who could be a great fit with the au pair program and no one knows what that takes to be successful better than you!
A very special THANK YOU to Anna’s and Luise’s host-families who each referred a new family to Cultural Care through me!
I have your $100.- BONUS (in addition to the $250.- from CCAP) ready as soon as the family welcomes their au pair to their home☺ (one in March and one in July)

Household Handbook
I believe that all families and au pairs can benefit and have a successful time together if there is a household handbook available. This tool is a great resource for au pairs and host families and can prevent miscommunication during your program term. If you are interested in a copy, please reach out and I will email you a copy☺

Survey Request:
Cultural Care sends out surveys to all host families and au pairs several times a year.
These surveys are helping us to help and serve you better.
I would truly appreciate filling out the surveys and submitting them.
Besides being helpful, I want to make sure that I personally provide the best support possibly to all my au pairs and host families.
I do take pride in having a happy group☺
Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

Monday, 27 April 2015 11:45 AM


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